Frank and Debbie are plotting a way to get Debbie a new Sugar Daddy
Frank and Debbie are plotting a way to get Debbie a Sugar DaddyFacebook/Shameless

Over the six years that the Gallaghers have been on Showtime, they have faced every variety of problem that life threw at them, but through it all, there was one constant – their dingy, lovely house. However, as of Season 6 Episode 4 titled "Going Once, Going Twice", they have lost it too, and in the upcoming Season 5 Episode 5, they will become "Refugees".

In the previous episode, the Gallaghers had thought that they might be able to buy their home and finally own it for the first time. However, someone bid above Fiona (Emmy Rossum) at the auction, but they were kind enough to let the Gallaghers stay in the house for another week.

Unfortunately, though, the house is currently the bank's property and they want the family out. In the promo for "Refugees", Gallghers' stuff is being thrown out, and Sean (Dermot Mulroney) immediately jumps to the rescue and says he will get some boxes to collect their stuff. However, they are still out of a home and on the streets. How will they survive?

Debbie (Emma Kenney) seems to have found a good place herself, in the house of the Wexlers. As fans know, the lady of the house is suffering from stage IV cancer and may not be around soon. Debbie is helping with the kids in the house, but to make herself irreplaceable she needs to "help" Mr Wexler too.

She walks in on Wexler while he takes a bath, and tells him that her presence will work in everyone's favour. She also asks the man to face the reality and accept that his wife will not live too long. She may have struck a chord because Wexler looks contemplative towards the end of the sneak-peak.

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Lip (Jeremy Allen White), on the other hand, is not as affected by the eviction as the rest of his siblings because he has a dorm room in the college. However, he may have other issues to tackle, especially since his scorned ex-lover (Nichole Bloom) is returning to the series in the upcoming episode.

The last fans saw her, she had punched Lip in the face while they were at the college library and accused him of making her fall in love with him. She had learned that Lip was sleeping with Helene (Sasha Alexander) and that she was cancelling plans with her, so he could spend more time with the professor.

Amanda has definitely returned for a comeback, because in the promo for the next week's episode, she is seen asking him, "Does it hurt?" and adding that he shouldn't have screwed her over. It looks like Amanda may have exposed Lip's sexual relationship with Helene resulting in her getting fired.

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