The upcoming Season 6 episode 10 of "Shameless" is going to be special for many reasons: the most important ones being Debbie's (Emma Kenney) childbirth and Fiona's (Emmy Rossum) wedding. "Paradise Lost" will also see Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) working on the right side of law for the first time. 

Debbie, who is ready to pop any minute, was at Queenie' (Sherilyn Fenn) commune as of the previously aired "A Yurt of One's Own." However, from the promo for the upcoming "Paradise Lost," it looks like she will return to the Gallagher home just in time for a natural childbirth. Despite their recent differences in opinion, a screaming and sweating Debbie will clutch her estranged sister Fiona's hand when the time comes.

Debbie's childbirth will happen during an interesting time for Fiona because she will be celebrating her bachelorette party in "Paradise Lost." As fans know, Sean (Dermot Mulroney) proposed to Fiona during her divorce settlement meeting with Gus (Steve Kazee) in the previous episode.

Despite their individual issues, Sean and Fiona seem to be great partners for each other. It also looks like Sean has forgiven Fiona for Will (Reed Emmons) finding Carl's guns and playing with them. In fact, Sean is expected to officially move in to the Gallagher home in the next episode.

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It also looks like Fiona is taking her wedding very seriously this time around. In the promo for Season 6 episode 10, she tells Sean that they will not have sex before the wedding because that is "tradition."

Meanwhile, Carl, who has recently started dating Dominique (Jaylen Barron), a cop's daughter, will spend time with her father during patrol. In the promo for "Paradise Lost," Carl is even seen telling Dominique's father that he knows he doesn't deserve her. He does not even know why she wants him. Regardless, however long that she does want him he will do her bidding, including spending a day with her "a------e father."

Carl also chases a criminal down and catches up to him before the cops does. When the criminal asks him who he is, Carl replies "Law, m----------r." It would be interesting to see Carl trying to understand the law and abiding by it, as opposed to his hitherto seen wannabe thug facade.

Watch Season 6 episode 10 of "Shameless" at 9 p.m. (EST) Sunday, March 21. You can also live-stream "Paradise Lost" via Showtime Anytime and Hulu