After weeks of prayers from fans, Bellamy (Bob Morley) finally realised that he is fighting for the wrong cause and the wrong leader in the previously aired Season 3 episode 8 of "The 100." However, how he will use that knowledge to help the Skaikru will be seen only when episode 9 airs Thursday, March 24.

"Terms and Conditions" had been purely focused on Arkadia and how Pike's (Michael Beach) leadership is gradually turning into a dictatorship. Although Bellamy had doubts regarding many of the decisions Pike made, it was him ordering the execution of Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) that was the final straw for Bellamy.

However, he has not made his feelings public, but it is pretty safe to assume that Monty (Christopher Larkin), who is also working with 'Pike, feels the same way. In the coming episodes, the duo will hopefully join Kane's associate Nathan (Jarod Joseph) and do whatever needs to be done to protect Skaikru from the Grounders' attacks.

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In the previous episode, a couple of Grounders had gone to Arkadia to inform them that if they were to surrender Pike they would disperse from the premises and the Skaikru could go about their business. However, Bellamy, blinded by his anger and loyalty, had shot the messengers and now the Grounders may not be happy with just Pike. After all, their policy is blood must have blood.

Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey, the late commander of the Grounders, based on the advice of Clarke (Eliza Taylor), has tried to change this motto with blood must not have blood. However, before her people could appreciate long-lasting benefits of this policy she was killed.

Clarke, who is devastated by the death of her lover, is still at Polis along with Murphy (Richard Harmon), who was being tortured there by Titus (Neil Sandilands). The Flamekeeper was never a fan of Lexa's relationship with Clarke or her influence on the commander. However, as she was dying Lexa had asked Titus to promise her that he would not try to harm Clarke again.

It would be interesting to see how the Grounders' attitude towards Skaikru changes now that Lexa, the one person that was protecting them, is dead. Fans will get to find out when "The 100" returns with Season 3 episode 9 Thursday, March 24.