"Seven Year Switch", the experimental reality show on FYI that asks long-term married couples to switch their partners, has reached a very critical stage.

After weeks of staying apart, the couples finally came face-to-face in episode 5. And in the upcoming episode 6, which will be aired on Tuesday, 11 August, the drama is going to explode all over cameras and into our living rooms.

Having spent weeks with people that aren't your own spouse, each of these participants are expected to decide whether they want to work on their real marriages or give up on it. Of all the couples that were matched by the experts of the show, CW and Danielle have come across as most compatible. Both of them even admitted to having more fun with each other than their spouses.

However, the one thing they didn't do as per the experts' instructions is stare into each other's eyes; CW felt the act would be too intense and intimate. And because of that, he was understandably upset when he learned that his wife Rachel and Danielle's husband Eric, who are matched with each other went through with it.

Meanwhile, Rachel is upset after having her fears confirmed by Danielle, that CW is very comfortable with his temporary spouse. The women did find a special bond and were open with each other about what they did with each other's husbands, leading them both to tears.

Their fellow female contestants on the other hand, whose husbands were also switched for the experiment, get off on the wrong foot. When Aleshia tells Leah "You still look great", after revealing to her Neal's comments about her weight loss, the latter was not able to appreciate the compliment.

In fact, throughout the experiment, Leah has been sceptical of it, and she even told the experts that she believes the main issues in their marriage arise from Neal. Her husband on the other hand, is still not ready to forgive her for cheating on him, although he too slept with other women after his separation from Leah.

Houston had also made it clear that he was very unhappy with the fact that there was only one bed where Neal and Aleshia stayed. Houston and Aleshia are really the only couple that really seemed to want to get back with each other. Will this experiment help them get past their differences and be together?

Watch out for season 1 episode 6 of "Seven Year Switch" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 11 August, on FYI. You can also stream the complete episode online via FYI Website.