Seven Day Queen
Will Prince Yi Yeok betray Shin Chae Kyung in episode 4 for Seven Day Queen?Youtube/Screenshot

Seven Day Queen, the KBS historical drama that is also known as Queen For Seven Days, will be back with episode 4 this Thursday, June 8, at 10 pm KST. It is likely to begin with a time jump and feature the demise of Prince Yi Yeok.

The shocking cliffhanger of episode 3 hinted at troubled moments for the male protagonist. In an attempt to save the life of a peasant, he risked his own life. Prince Jinseong Daegun did not know that he is helping a person, who knows about the secret will of his father and late King Seongjong.

The young prince was just doing something for his friend Seo No and stopping his half-brother from doing something wrong. But King Yeonsan received a wrong message and all the credit for it goes to consort Jang Nok Su. Will Yi Yung kill his only sibling?

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Seven Day Queen
Will King Seongjong kill Prince Yi Yeok in episode 4 for Seven Day Queen?Youtube/Screenshot

Click here to watch 7 Day Queen episode 4 live online on KBS2 tonight at 10pm KST. The Korean drama lovers can also watch the mini-series online here.

The promo for Seven Day Queen episode 4 teases Prince Yi Yeok's betrayal. It shows the King becoming furious after receiving several petitions from high officials to pardon his half-brother. Meanwhile, Dowager Queen Jasun suggests the Prince to put all the blame on Shin Chae Kyung.

Seven Day Queen
Wedding bells to ring for Shin Chae Kyung and King Seongjong in episode 4 of Seven Day Queen.Youtube/Screenshot

The footage shows King Seongjong informing the female lead, "Prince Jin Seong said you are behind all that had happened." The prince quickly interferes and tells the ministers daughter to stay away from palace politics.

The trailer also hints at the demise of Prince Yi Yeok. But he returns back to take revenge. Although Shin Chae Kyung tries to meet him, somebody asks her, "Do you not think pretending not to recognise Prince Jin Seong would be the best for him?"

Watch the trailer of Seven Day Queen episode 4 below: