Seven Day Queen
Will King Yeonsan kill Prince Yi Yeok in episode 3 of Queen For Seven Days?Youtube/Screenshot

Seven Day Queen, the KBS historical drama also known as Queen for Seven Days, returns with episode 3 this Wednesday, June 7, at 10pm KST. It will continue to focus on the blossoming romance between Prince Yi Yeok and Shin Chae Kyung.

The onscreen couple became friends in episode 2 of the Korean period drama. Thanks to Sun Woo, the two are now really close to each other. But they are likely to face some new challenges in the near future because of consort Jang Nok Su.

The male antagonist has been provoking King Yeonsan to kill his half-brother. He even forced the King to kill Sun Woo's father. In the upcoming episodes, Nok Su will continue to remind Yi Yung about the Queen's moves to make her son, the King.

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However, the Korean drama lovers believe that the King will protect his half-brother. According to a Twitter poll conducted by International Business Times India Edition, 80 percent of the participants believe that Yi Yung will approve Yi Yeok and Shin Chae Kyung's romance.

Seven Day Queen
Will Prince Yi Yeok run away from palace in episode 3 of Seven Day Queen?Youtube/Screenshot

Click here to watch 7 Day Queen episode 3 live online on KBS2 tonight at 10pm KST. The Korean drama lovers can also watch the mini-series online here.

Meanwhile, the promo for Seven Day Queen episode 3 features a time jump. It begins by showing the male protagonist shouting at somebody, "Why is Yeok there? Why?" Nok Su may have created a misunderstanding between the two royal brothers.

Seven Day Queen
Consort Jang Nok Su will continue to create misunderstanding between the royal brothers.Youtube/Screenshot

The consort might have told that the King's half-brother is probably aware of late King Seongjong's secret will and he went to Sun Woo's home to get it. "If by any chance you know, I would never forgive you," Yi Yung says in the footage.

The outcome of the misunderstanding could be worse than the expectations of Nok Su, mainly because the trailer teases the beginning of a rivalry between the two royal brothers. It shows Yi Yeok as a peddler and he says, "I'm going to tear apart your world. I will also take away your crown."

Watch the promo for Seven Day Queen episode 3 below: