Secrets and Lies
Season 2 of Secrets and Lies will see Detective Cornell investigating the murder of Kate Warner.Facebook/Secrets and Lies

Fans have been waiting for the season 2 of Secrets and Lies for a long a time now, and starting this Sunday, 25 September, they can finally watch the chronicles of Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) every week.

Season 2 episode 1 of Secrets and Lies titled The Fall will set the scene for yet another murder case that has to be solved by Cornell and hopefully this time around she will be able to put the criminal behind the bars. Many fans were disgruntled by the fact that Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) went to jail even though it was his youngest daughter Abby (Belle Shouse) that killed 10-year-old Ben in season 1.

However, it has been promised early on that Cornell will catch the right guy or girl this time around as the showrunners do not want fans to stop rooting for the detective. Season 2 may also give fans a better understanding of who Cornell is and what her motivations in life are. There also rumours about delving into the history of her own daughter who is mentally disturbed.

The primary focus of Secrets and Lies will be the story of the Warner family, who has just lost a beloved family member. Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster) has just fallen to her death and the most obvious suspect is her husband Eric Warner (Michael Ealy). Will Cornell prove his innocence or guilt?

You will definitely not figure that out until the finale episode, but you are not alone in the dark. According an interview the stars gave to E! News, the cast and crew also had a hard time spotting the culprit. "We could not guess! ... Every week you have a different theory," says Brewster, who plays the dead woman in the show, which Ealy said, "The crew was so into the show that every week people came to me w a different theory. I think the audience will do the exact same thing."

The official synopsis for Secrets and Lies season 2 premiere reads:

When Kate Warner is found dead, Detective Andrea Cornell thinks Kate's successful husband, Eric, is responsible; Andrea's investigation exposes family secrets.

Watch season 2 episode 1 of the ABC show at 9 pm (EST) on Sunday, September 25. Secrets and Lies will be aired by Zee Café at 10 pm (IST) on Monday, 26 September. You can also stream The Fall online via ABC Go