Ryan Murphy's latest horror venture "Scream Queens" will debut on Fox on Tuesday, 22 September. The comedy horror series is set around the girls of Kappa Kappa Tau. As with all Murphy shows, the upcoming series is over-the-top in aspects like horror, drama and fashion as each episode heralds a new a bloody murder.

While a few critics are calling it a horror-filled version of "Glee", some have judged it to be needlessly spiteful. Jamieson Cos of The Verge, for example, cites lead character Chanel's (Emma Roberts) quote from the premiere to show the malicious dialogues you can expect in the series. "That obese specimen of human filth scrubbing bulimia vomit out of the carpet is Ms. Bean...I call her 'white mammy' because she's essentially a house slave."

If you are still not sure about watching "Scream Queens", here is a spoiler round-up that will help you decide:

AV Club (Grade: B-)

Murphy excels at creating marketable television concepts and Queens is perhaps his most sure shot yet. It's perfectly calibrated for Twitter consumption, between the oh-no-they-didn't punchlines, act-break shockers, and hashtag-friendly titles. But Queens is instantly forgettable. Even the devilish killer, whose homicidal behavior is driving all of the action, ceases to exist whenever he's not on screen. Even more than it tests the audience's patience for Diablo Cody-style fanciful youth patter, Queens tests the audience's grasp of object permanence.

The Verge 

... (Scream Queens) puts all of its energy into punchlines, and once it gets there it doesn't have anything to say. There are entire conversations and voice-overs devoted to exposition that exist solely to tee up spiteful one-liners for Roberts or her doofus frat boyfriend. And spite isn't enough to sustain a show, not even one like this.

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New York Times

The referential humor of "Scream Queens" tends to be better on the "Halloween" side of the equation than on the "Heathers" side, and some of its sendups of horror movies — or of horror-movie sendups — are pretty funny... "Scream Queens" bogs down, though, when it enters another familiar Brennan-Falchuk-Murphy territory, which could be called identity entertainment — their penchant for making any story, regardless of its subject matter or genre, deal largely in representations of (and gags about) gender, sexuality, race, class and whatever other categories they deem worthy of breaking down.

USA Today

..Despite all its flaws, vulgarities and miscues, and for all the justifiable fear that, like many shows from this team, it will go screaming off the quality cliff, there is an energy to Scream most other new shows are missing. It's different. And it has Curtis (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Watch out for season 1 episode 1 of "Scream Queens" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 22 September. You can also live stream "Pilot" and "Hell Week" via Fox Now. 


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