The relationship between Evan Peters and Emma Roberts is the literal definition of an on-again-off-again. According to reports, the two had broken up twice before and got back together and even got engaged the last time they were together, but broke up earlier in the summer. Now, the two have been spotted together, raising speculations about them getting back together again.

Emma and Evan have worked together even after their break-up for Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story: Hotel" and "Scream Queens". The couple had met while filming "Adult World" in 2013, and has been dating intensely and breaking up even more intensely ever since.

During one of their on-again periods in 2013, Emma was taken into custody in Montreal after a violent physical fight. The cops were responding to a domestic violence and when it was clear that Emma inflicted injuries on Evan, she was arrested. However the duo stayed together after that, and even got engaged later on.

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However, the couple broke up, reportedly due to conflicting schedules.

Here are some adorable photos of Evan Peters and Emma Roberts that makes us wish they were together: