Ryan Murphy's horror series "Scream Queens" will debut on 22 September, and as a special treat to fans who have been waiting, a brand new trailer for the show has been released. With the new video, we learn more about Emma Robert's Chanel, and her "curse".

The setting for Ryan Murphy's latest creation is the ever-so-popular, over-the-top, extremely sadistic Greek sorority, where nothing is more important to the sisters than being rich and popular. The leader of this clan is the brutal Chanel, who excels at berating everyone around her.

In her own words, Chanel's problem is that she is too "emotionally intelligent". The poor girl is cursed with a terrible condition that forces her into manipulating everyone. Although we really do feel for her, some would call her the "worst human being since Hitler".

The new trailer also throws more light on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority in general, where we soon learn that no one is safe. A crazy devil-costume wearing killer is on the loose, and he/she is hoping to take revenge on those who wronged him/her. 

Seeing as it is made by the same masterminds that bring us "American Horror Story", we can be rest assured it is going to be as scary as it can get. Some of the other great characters from the series are played by Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, and Keke Palmer, Nasim Pedrad, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis and other talented actors.

Although the show is set for a premiere on Tuesday, 22 September at 8 pm (EST) on FOX, you can attend a special screening ahead of it by singing in on gofobo.