School 2017, the KBS coming of age drama, will be back with episode 13 this Monday, August 28, at 10 pm KST. The chapter will probably see Kim Hee Chan plotting revenge against Ra Eun Ho.

The prosecutor's son will surely get some help from Principal Yang Do Jin and director Hyun Kang Woo to prove the female lead's role in helping the mysterious student X. Since the antagonist failed in his attempt to expose the real identity of student X, he could set a new trap for the female lead.

The promo shows Oh Sa Rang's mother finding something strange in the dust bin. "This trash was from our cafeteria, please take a look at the expiration date," the cleaner requests the principal in the footage.

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School 2017
Will Ra Eun Ho prove her innocence in the upcoming episodes?KBS

However, it is not clear if the trash has something to do with the relationship between Hwang Young Gun and Seo Bo Ra. Shortly before the conversation between the Principal and the cleaner, the video shows Seo Bo Ra chatting with Hwang Young Gun.

In the scene, Seo Bo Ra and Hwang Young Gun's hands are tied up. When Young Gun asks," Why do I have to do this?" Seo Bo Ra replies, "Its fine for me. If we were not in handcuffs, we would never have a conversation."

School 2017
Will Oh Sa Rang end her friendship with Ra Eun Ho?KBS

The footage also hints at a rivalry between Ra Eun Ho and Oh Sa Rang. When the female lead admits to her best friend that she is dating the billionaire boy, she gets hurt. She will probably decide to end her friendship with the female lead.

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Watch the trailer below: