Park Hye-soo as Shin Saimdang and Yang Se-jong as Lee Gyum in SBS historical drama Saimdang.Facebook/SBS

Saimdang: Light's Diary, which is also known as Saimdang: The Herstory, will be back with episode 5 this Wednesday, February 8, at 10pm KST on SBS. The sequel might begin with a time-jump and feature the reunion of Lee Gyum and Whieumdang Choi.

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The female antagonist could be really excited to meet her secret crush, but he will be more interested in knowing about his former lover, Shin Saimdang. Although she got married to Lee Won-soo and settled in life, he is still expecting her return.

The promo for the upcoming episode begins with a conversation between the male protagonist and King Joongjong's Escort warrior, wherein the latter tries to convince the former. "You know very well His Majesty has benn looking forward to this marriage!" Park Jung-hak's character says.

The sneak peek video also features a conversation between the onscreen couple, wherein Lee Young-ae's character reminds her former lover that he was very energetic at his young age. But he sarcastically asks her, "Have I ever been fil of life like you say so? Even 20 years of time have failed to erase you out of my heart."

Elsewhere, King Joongjong asks Song Seung-heon's character will begin a secret investigation on Whieumdang Choi's husband, Min Chi-hyung. "Look into how Min Chi-hyung and Sam Jung-seung are using their powers to involve themselves in corruption and bribery," the King says.

Will the female antagonist make her next evil move against the Shin Saimdang and her former lover? Click here to watch Saimdang tonight at 10pm Korean time on SBS. Episode 5 will also be available online here for K-drama fans across the globe.

The period drama might also feature the rivalry between Seo Ji-yoon, Han Sang-hyun and Professor Min Jung-hak in the upcoming episode. Watch the official trailer for the Korean mini-series below: