Sachin Tendulkar
Tendulkar batting on the submerged pitchTwitter

He may have retired from cricket but Sachin Tendulkar's heart still beats for the game. The legendary former Indian batsman has been involved with the game in various capacities and it's not an uncommon sight to see the former India cricketer with a bat in his hands.

Now, Tendulkar has uploaded a video on his Twitter timeline where he is batting in the nets. However, what makes this video exceptional is the nature of the pitch where he is having a go at the art mastered by him. It's a wicket which is fully submerged in water. And that's not all, the bowlers are not 'bowling' the ball, they are chucking it into the pitch, causing it to bounce sharply.

The man with 100 international centuries under his belt deals with short, rising deliveries in the same efficient manner as he did in his playing days. When the ball is pitched up, he has an almighty go at it. Even some of the short deliveries are responded to him with those strokes that enchanted his fans over the years.

In his tweet, Sachin talks about finding new ways of practising. Perhaps, some youngsters watching this video can take inspiration from him and bat in similar conditions to get used to extra bounce. One thing is clear, the fire of passion for cricket still burns bright inside the Bharat Ratna-awardee.

Watch the video here: