Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
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The medical drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim will be back with another interesting episode this Monday, November 14, at 10pm KST on SBS. Episode 3 might begin with a confrontation between Kang Dong-joo and Kim Sa-bu a.k.a. Bu Yong-ju.

Unlike Yoon Seo-jung, the two male leads in the period drama seem to share similar characters. Both are aggressive and quick in taking decisions. They even have a dark past with the director of Geodae Hospital, Do Yoon-wan.

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In the official trailer, Yoo Yeon-seok's character is seen asking his senior, "Who are you really, Doctor? I asked you who you really were, Doctor?" The video then takes its viewers through a series of flashback sequences exposing the chief surgeon's past.

The promo shows Choi Jin-ho's character yelling at the title character and saying, "You will never come back to Geosan again. You will never practice in Korea again. Because I will make sure you never find work in this field again!"

The sneak peek video even features a conversation between the female lead and her junior doctor. In the clip, she can be heard saying, "Why did you come to Doldam Hospital? Why did you have to appear before me again? You are the one making things more complicated for me."

The trailer also hints at troubled moments for the female lead as it shows Doctor Kim asking her to resign. He tells her, "You don't understand that? Get away from that patient! I can't entrust a patient to a person who harmed herself. You have no right to be at this hospital."

Click here to know what lies ahead for Seo-jung, Dong-joo and Yong-ju. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim will also be available online here.

Check the trailer for episode 3 below: