Rohit Sharma
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Indian batting superstar Rohit Sharma has joined the ever-growing list of celebrities appealing Indians to celebrate a peaceful Diwali without the bursting of fire-crackers. The Mumbai Indians captains issued his request through a powerful video on Twitter where he shows a dog feeling terrified by the noise of crackers.

The video is probably from Rohit's own house or residential enclave. The dog in the video could be seen in a state of anxiety and is shaking with fear.

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion in the country about the ill-effects of fire-crackers. From the incessant, ear-bursting noise they cause to the intolerable levels of pollution, the damage done by fire-crackers has come to concern a large section of Indian society.

Earlier in the day, even the legend Sachin Tendulkar posted an appeal on his official Twitter handle to celebrate Diwali without the noise and fumes of fire-crackers. He isn't alone. Several celebrities, from Bollywood as well as the sports world have also come forward with this request.

Over the last few years, the appeals of well-known personalities haven't been very successful as people have gone ahead with their style of celebrations regardless of the advice given. It will be interesting to see whether the video shared by 'Hitman' and Master Blaster deter people this year from the raucous celebrations of Diwali which have become customary.

Watch the video here: