It has been long speculated that aliens have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. However, until now, space experts have not discovered any concrete evidence that substantiates the existence of extraterrestrial aliens.

In the meantime, a video clip has recently gone viral on YouTube, and it shows a spherical circular UFO screeching across the solar system in a mindblowing speed.

alien craft
Alleged alien vessel spotted in NASA imageNASA

Spacecraft spotted from NASA SOHO video

The video is uploaded to YouTube by a channel named 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0'. The video uploader claims that the sighting was captured by a man named Vasco Fernandes from a NASA SOHO footage. In the video, a spherical object with well-defined edges can be seen moving across the solar system, and at first glance, it resembles a circular wheel used in ancient times.

The video was later analyzed by popular UFO researcher Scott C Waring. Waring assured that this sighting is authentic proof of alien existence, and he alleged that NASA is hiding facts about extraterrestrial life fearing public panic.

"The UFO is there for only 4 seconds, but if slowed down, we can see its detail well. This is 100% proof that aliens are in our solar system right now. This ship is massive, moon size or bigger and moving incredibly fast. I'm sure NASA would never mention it because if they did, they would have to tell the public the truth about aliens existing. They don't want to cause any panic. So they won't," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Interestingly, when we checked the NASA website, there are a couple of images on their database that shows this alleged alien space vessel. 

The unusual UFO sighting that happened in Pennsylvania

A few weeks back, another UFO sighting apparently happened in Pennsylvania where a man with his family received multiple UFOs in the night skies. The eyewitness revealed that he witnessed the bizarre event while he was returning home from the King of Prussia Mall.

The video soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists assured that aliens are a real deal. However, another section of conspiracy theorists suggested that these UFOs could be most probably secretive military vessels.