Terry from Ray Donovan
Terry from Ray DonovanFacebook/Ray Donovan

Season 4 episode 8 of "Ray Donovan" titled "The Texan" will be aired on Sunday, Aug. 12, even as fans continue to celebrate the great news that the show has been renewed by Showtime for yet another season. Reportedly, the Liev Schreiber-drama has got the network double-digit increases in the rating in the ongoing Season 4.

The current season has taken Ray's cycle of saving someone, putting someone else in danger, then saving that someone else, and put it in a more dramatic and dark context. Now, for example, he has managed to save Mickey from prison, although he had wanted him dead just a while back. In the process of ensuring his father's safety, he has had to work with Ed Cochran, which is never good news.

Meanwhile, Hector, who is not in the best shape mentally and physically, is recuperating and also waiting for a rematch with Whittaker. Although Ray does not want anything to do with this, his brother Terry requests him to make it happen. In "The Texan" fans will see how Ray arranges a rematch with Whittaker with the help of Daryll and Lena.

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As fans know, Hector going for a fight right now is not the best thing for him, especially because Marisol is back from rehab; kicked out of rehab, to be precise. Her arrival at the gym has already caused quite a bit of tension at the Fite Club, and her further stay will only make things worse. The only way for this storyline to end is for Marisol to public with their incestuous relationship and ruining her half-brother's life.

Watch Season 4 episode 8 of "Ray Donovan" at 9 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, Aug. 14. You can also live-stream "The Texan" via Showtime Anytime.