JI was the winner of Week 1 challenge of "The Rap Game"
JI was the winner of Week 1 challenge of "The Rap Game"Facebook/The Rap Game

The competition in Season 2 of "The Rap Game" is drawing to a close with just two more episodes to go before the finale. All the kids this season are pretty strong in various aspects of rapping, and to grind them further, Jermaine Dupri is making them battle against adult rappers in the upcoming Season 2 episode 8 "Battle to the Def."

Dupri wanted to give the kids a taste of the underground battle scene, and for this he takes them to a venue where talented and established adult rappers are waiting to face off against them. Obviously the scene intimidated the kids, because it doesn't look like they have experienced this before.

"Y'all was up here looking like ya'll can do this...," one of the rappers tell the kids at the event. Mani, who seemed intimidated by the scene, decided he did not want to go up there and embarrass himself, but Lil Key seemed to have the guts to tell them he can spit some rhymes. Even JI, aka the Prince of New York, wanted to take up the challenge, although Nia and Jayla seemed to agree with Mani.

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Surprising everyone there, the Prince of New York went up to the stage and proved that he is a formidable rapper that deserves their respect. After all, he comes from a freestyle rapping scene and he felt right at home in the joint.

The main challenge of the week is freestyling in front of an audience to beats that keep changing every few minutes. Nia seems to have a good grasp of this task, although she takes little breaks to understand the beat after each change.

The official synopsis for Season 2 episode 8 of "The Rap Game" reads:

Jermaine Dupri takes the kids to an underground battlerap to see which of the young rappers will step up to the plate. Later, the kids have to catch the beat in front of an audience. The parents get heated as it gets closer and closer to the end.

Don't forget to watch Season 2 episode 7 of "The Rap Game" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Friday, Sept.9 via Lifetime. You can also stream "Battle to the Def" via MyLifetime.