Lifetime's latest reality show "The Rap Game" is only two episodes in, but it's already knee-deep in drama. In the previously aired "Welcome to Atlanta", coach Jermaine Dupri found out that one of the rappers, Supa Peach, is lying about writing her own lyrics, while the upcoming episode "Style and Swagga" will see him schooling the kids about being disrespectful.

In the promo for season 1 episode 3, the kids are all asked to describe themselves in one word, and of course, their descriptions were all self-praising, and ranged from "futuristic" to "fashion forward". Supa Peach describes herself as someone who thinks outside the box.

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The kids, however, seem to be getting lost in their own awesomeness and forgetting to acknowledge and appreciate those around them. The young rappers do not seem to understand the value of having someone to coach them and critique them during their journey to stardom.

When a coach is speaking to the group, Supa Peach is seen making faces and rapping, making Jermaine wonder if she is even paying attention. Jermaine makes it clear that he will not stand for somebody insulting someone, and tells the young rapper, "You was rapping when she was talking.. that is disrespectful."

He further told the cameras that attitude is good, but "Stupid swag is stupid swag," before adding, "I don't play these games." It seems like Jermaine's words did reach Supa Punch, and she was seen sniffling back tears in the promo.

Watch out for season 1 episode 3 of "The Rap Game" at 10 pm (EST) on Friday, 15 January. You can also live stream "Style and Swagga" via mylifetime

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