As Alex (Priyanka Chopra) tries her best to relieve herself from the terrorism charges in the present, things get a lot steamier at the Quantico base in Season 1 Episode 6. According to the synopsis for "God", the NATs will learn more about surveillance, as Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) tries to improve her relationship with Simon (Tate Ellington).

Alex and Ryan's (Jake McLaughlin) relationship will also be explored further in the upcoming episode. The couple whose unlikely romance started with a random hook-up in a car, flourished during their time together at "Quantico". Ryan, however, is secretly spying on Alex, under the instruction of Liam (Josh Hopkins). In the previous episodes, we even saw Liam asking Ryan to get Alex to quit.

In "God", Ryan is conflicted about whether or not to tell Alex the truth regarding the matter. In the promo, he is advised by Simon to tell her the truth. He further asks Ryan to let him know how it goes, and looks forlornly at Nimah/Raina. It is to be understood that their relationship will also be further unraveled.

A popular theory regarding Simon is that although he is openly gay, he may not be gay at all, and may have a romantic interest in Nimah. Being gay may be his way of throwing people off his track and let us not forget his secret journey to Gaza, which was exposed by Nimah in Episode 1 "Run".

Watch out for Season 1 Episode 6 of "Quantico" at at 10.00pm (EST) on Sunday, 1 November. You can also live stream "God" via ABC Go!