The mystery unravels and gets more complicated in equal measures with each new episode of ABC's "Quantico".

In the upcoming Episode 3 of Season 1, we will see Alex (Priyanka Chopra) learning more about her father – who she shot to death – and his career as an FBI agent, while Alex's mother Sita (Anna Khaja) is forced by Liam (Josh Hopkins) to hold a national press conference. The special agent hopes that Alex will see it on TV and turn herself in.

In the coming episode, we will see more of what happens to the recruits at the Quantico base as well. Alex and her classmates learn the harsh truths about what their peers think about them, and are then forced to pick out three classmates who they think do not deserve to be there. If they refuse to follow the orders, Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) promises to get rid of ten of them she chooses instead.

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Thanks to this tough lesson, Simon (Tate Ellington) learns that Ryan (Jake MaLaughlin) thinks of him as a freak and asks him what makes him one. "Does it make me creepy that I notice you get up every time Alex leaves the room? Or that you go on long runs in the woods by yourself? Or that you somehow seem to know this campus like the back of your hand?," he asks.

When Ryan heatedly explain that he can see the Simon's inner calculations with every action, the latter gets angry and grabs Ryan by the neck.

We also get to see and learn more about the twins Nimah and Raina (Yasmine Al Massri), who were brought in by Miranda to masquerade as one person Nimah.

We also see Alex coming into the realisation that whoever is trying to frame Alex has been plotting at least since the moment she set foot on Quantico. She has an ally in Simon and together they will unravel the darkest secrets of the FBI.

Watch out for Season 1 Episode 3 of "Quantico: at 10.00pm (EST) on Sunday, 11 October on ABC. You can also live stream "Cover" via ABC Go!