While the ABC drama "Quantico" details the story of a FBI agent on the run, it also offers audiences a peak into Alex Parish's (Priyanka Chopra) personal journey. She learns about trust, relationships and more importantly, understands the horror unleashed by the homeland security agency on wanted terrorists. 

In Episode 4, Alex learns the truth about her parents and suspects her classmate, Simon (Tate Ellington). At one point, she points a gun to him and says, "You lied to me the whole time?" It appears that Alex uncovers a lot of truth, and from the promo for Episode 4, we can safely predict that she will unveil this information in an interview. 

Furthermore, Episode 5 will also depict flashback scenes in which Alex and the rest of the NATS team go undercover at a party. In "Found," she gets close to Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) , without doubting that he might be spying on her for Liam.

In Episode 4 titled, "Found," Alex takes a break from her fugitive life and decides to tell her side of the story. This idea finds its way after the wanted FBI agent sees a picture of herself on the front page of New York Post.

In the promo, Alex says, "I'm in a nightmare. If it were upto the FBI, I would be dead by now." 

News of her interview travels and Liam finds out that Alex might reveal secrets about the agency. He tells Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis), "It's not just me she has something on, it's all of us." 

TV Line reports that Episode 5 will reveal Liam and Miranda's past. "In a future episode, when the NATs go undercover at a D.C. Hotel, we learn more about Liam and Miranda's romantic past... and also a complication with their present connection," the website states. 

Even as Alex attempts to tell her story, the question that begs to be asked is, will people believe her?

"Quantico" Season 1 Episode 5 "Found" airs on Sunday, 25 October at 10pm on ABC. You can live stream the episode via ABC GO.

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