In the latest episode of BBC's "QI" titled "Military Matters," Jimmy Carr, Sheila Hancock, Alan Davies and Jeremy Clark will appear on the show to make paper-fold objects.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, "Stephen Fry marshal miscellaneous military matter with Sheila Hancock, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson and Alan Davies."

In the promo of the episode, Stephen is showcasing various objects made by folding papers to the participants while they try to figure out how to do it. Jimmy is seen to be surprised by the origami technique of folding paper while Alan almost strangles himself with another piece of paper.

Jeremy is also intrigued by the whole origami concept and jokes that the artist was trying to build a crane and accidentally ended up with a folded sheet of paper.

Sheila says that though it is interesting, she doesn't find the whole paper folding art much unique.

Afterwards, Stephen distributes a sheet of tissue paper to all of them and instructed them to crumble it in a fist. He asks them to think of a particular animal and the crumbled paper will turn into that. As he finishes, his piece of tissue paper turns into a swan.

In the previous episode titled "A Medley of Maladies," Stephen Fry mulled over some medical matters with Lucy Porter, Ross Noble, Matt Lucas and Alan Davies.

He tried to argue them regarding certain medical myths and beliefs, which he found stupid and preposterous. However, the conversation eventually turned hilarious and Stephen ended up with giving a comedic explanation to his arguments.

We had reported earlier that Stephen will be leaving the show after Series M ends and Sandi Toksvig will replace him as the host of the show. Alan Davies will continue to appear as the fixture guy.

Besides the permanent members of the panel members who appear on the show, some of the recurring guests are Jo Brand, Rich Hall, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, Phil Jupitus, Sean Lock, David Mitchell and Rob Brydon.