The premiere episode, titled "A Medley of Maladies", of BBC's comedy panel game "QI" Series M is set to be aired on 16 October. Long time host Stephen Fry will quit the show after the 13th series.

He will be replaced by Sandi Toksvig, the regular panelist, while Alan Davies will continue on as the fixture guy.

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"A Medley of Maladies" will feature Matt Lucas, Ross Noble and Lucy Porter as guest stars.

The show, which debuted in 2003 and is currently filming its 13th season, will continue hosting a panel of comedians competing against each other.

"QI" stands for "Quite Interesting". Each series of the show is named after one alphabet and the topics for every episode begin with that alphabet. Hence, the current season has been named Series "M".

Stephen Fry has confirmed that he will leave the show once Series M ends. Besides Stephen, Alan Davies is a permanent member of the panel.

However, the panel varies week to week, including some recurring guests such as Jo Brand, Rich Hall, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, Phil Jupitus, Sean Lock, David Mitchell and Rob Brydon.

Though the panel mainly consists of comedians, it is visited by other famous people like Sir Terry Wogan, David Tennant and Carrie Fisher often.

Since Series D, the "topic of the week" is introduced in all the seasons. The show consists of questions that have to be answered with an interesting response to garner points. However, if the answer is uninteresting or incorrect, an alarm sound is made and the contestant loses 10 points.

The points are not of much relevance as they are just an element to enhance the theme of the show. While contestants come out with funny answers in their own style, Davies accompanies them with his silly remarks that allows the atmosphere of the show to remain in accord to the comedy theme.

It will be the last venture of Stephen as the series' host. Whether the series will continue to garner the same success after his departure is yet to be seen.