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The premiere episode titled "When Evil Stirs" of "Power Rangers" season 23 (also known as "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge") is all set to premiere on 30 January, and it seems that a new evil character, much powerful than the previous one, is about to bring wrath upon the Rangers.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, the Rangers believe their work is done after they've defeated Sledge and his evil monsters. Unbeknownst to them, an even more powerful monster is picking up where Sledge left off and is closer to the Rangers than they think.

"Power Rangers Dino Super Charge" is a direct sequel to the previous season titled "Power Rangers Dino Charge" and picks up the story from the season finale of "Dino Charge."

In the last episode of the previous season, the Rangers finally succeeded in defeating Sledge after a long series of battles. Sledge was undoubtedly one of the most powerful monsters faced by any Ranger till now.

The defeat of Sledge assured Rangers that there won't be any evil left. However, as the synopsis of "When Evil Stirs" states, it seems that a new evil, which might be a successor of Sledge, is counting his time to make a move against the Rangers.

How Rangers will react to this new monster, especially when they have just defeated one of the strongest threats, will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

In the season finale of "Dino Rangers" titled "Race to Rescue Christmas," when Poisandra stole Santa's computer after being denied presents, it came upon the rangers to get it back before Christmas was cancelled. All the while, Chase tried to make it home for the holidays.

At the end of the episode, the Rangers summoned their respective zords to destroy Sledge and afterwards formed the Tri-Stego Formation to finally defeat the monster.