The upcoming season of "Power Rangers" titled "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge" will most probably act as second part of previous Power Rangers season titled "Power Rangers Dino Charge."

The premiere episode of Season 23 titled "When Evil Stirs" will likely continue the story left in season finale of Season 22 titled "Race to Rescue Christmas."

In "Race to Rescue Christmas," Santa was hosting children in an outdoor gondola, finding out what they want for Christmas when Poisandra and Curio pushed their way through the line.

Poisandra took a seat on Santa's lap and showed her rather long list to Santa. Santa had one of his elves check his computer station, which showed some clips of her being evil and declared her naughty.

Incensed at the news that she won't get any presents, she called in Wrench and ordered him to steal the computer.

Wrench and Poisandra took the computer to a nearby train yard, where Wrench was told that he was naughty as well.

Poisandra hit on the idea of watching the Rangers' clips and getting a clue to where their secret base is, so they could go and take the Energems.

In the meantime, the Rangers came to know about them and were hunting them down. Koda was leading with his ability to smell things in the air.

The villains nearly saw the base's entrance during Tyler's clips, but the Rangers arrived and they were forced to hide.

The Rangers chased them outside, where the villains retreated and left a single Spikeball to face the Rangers.

Tyler destroyed it with the Dino Blade Blaster Final Strike. "Santa Sledge" fired the Magna Beam and the Rangers summoned their zords.

At first, they used Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo Formation, but then returned to Tri-Stego Formation, as Ivan requested the Ankylo Zord, forming Ptera Charge Megazord Ankylo Formation for the first time.

Ivan used the Hammer Punch, and the Dino Charge Megazord used Stego Sword Final Slash to finish the Spikeball.