Pakistani tv anchor apple

In a bizarre incident, a Pakistani television anchor confused Apple Inc, the tech giant, with apple fruit on live television and had to be corrected by the panelist she was talking to.

The viral video of the incident was posted on social media platforms by Naila Inayat, a Pakistani journalist. The gaffe was made when the anchor was talking to a panelist regarding the financial condition in Pakistan and happened to mention Apple Inc, which manufactures many coveted tech gadgets every year.

The panelist said, "Apple's business alone amounts to more than the whole of Pakistan's annual budget." The anchor replied to the statement saying, "Yes, I have heard that even one apple is very expensive."

The panelist was quick to point out that he was talking about Apple Inc and not the fruit. The anchor became visibly embarrassed and laughed it off.

However, it looks like Twitter will not let her forget her public humiliation with many poking fun at her for not recognising the differences between the two. Netizens were quick to retweet the video and make scathing remarks and some very funny remarks about the incident.

Here are some of the best responses to the video.