Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time season 7 will be back with a new episode tonight at 8 pm EST.Facebook/Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, the ABC fairytale drama series, will be back with a new episode of season 7 this Friday, December 15, at 8 pm EST. Episode 10 is titled The Eighth Witch and it will introduce a new character to the viewers.

Actress Tiera Skovbye, who is known for her role as Polly on The CW series Riverdale, will be making a guest appearance in the winter finale. She will be portraying the grownup version of Zelena and Robin Hood's daughter.

Skovbye's character is named Robin and she is described as someone who is confused about her own identity. While struggling to define herself, she will probably turn out to be a rebel from a strong-willed person, reported TV Line.

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"As the daughter of powerful parents, she can never seem to escape their shadows, which drives her crazy. Tired of towing the line, Robin is ready to break out into the world and find her own adventure," stated the entertainment news website.

Check out the official synopsis for the winter finale of Once Upon A Time season 7 below:

When Drizella threatens the realm with a dark curse, Henry and Ella take extreme actions to protect Lucy and the others; and Regina is forced into making an unimaginable choice. In Hyperion Heights, Roni recruits Henry to travel to San Francisco to search for her sister, but when h learns Lucy has fallen unconscious, Henry rushes to be by her side. Meanwhile, Gothel earns the trust of Anastasia and the consequences of their budding relationship could prove to be fatal.

Click here to watch Once Upon A Time season 7 episode 10 live online. The winter finale of ABC fairytale series, titled The Eighth Witch, will also be available online here.