Ending the torment of not knowing the future of our favourite couple Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Season 5 of "New Girl" is returning with the proverbial bang on Tuesday, 5 January. Episode 1 of the upcoming season will be all about the soon-to-be hubby Schmidt trying to impress Cece's mother, Big Mama P, whose approval means everything to Cece.

From the promos for "Big Mama P" it appears that the premiere will be all about a giant, colourful celebration of their engagement in true Bollywood style. In one of the promos we even see Schmidt and his best friend aka best man Nick (Jake Johnson) dancing to "The Dirty Picture" song "Chutki Jo".

However, all this does not seem to be impressing Cece's beautiful and smart mother, who has a disbelieving frown throughout the dance number. Cece on the other hand is deeply touched that Schmidt is willing to go to these great measures to make her happy, which also included flying her mother all the way from India as a surprise for her.

Schmidt had recruited Cece's maid-of-honour Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to make that surprise possible, and she had warned him that it is quite difficult to please Big Mama P. Schmidt, regardless, was quite confident that he will win her over.

From the promos, it does look like there are quite a few unexpected surprises awaiting Schmidt, Cece and possibly all their friends in Season 5 Episode 1 in true "New Girl" style. Moreover, the official synopsis of the episode also reads, "..when Jess invites Cece's mom to join in the celebration, Cece is forced to make a surprising announcement to Schmidt."

Watch out for Season 5 Episode 1 of "New Girl" at 8.00 PM (EST) on Tuesday, 5 January. You can also live stream "Big Mama P" via Fox Now or Hulu.