Majeed Memon
NCP leader and Rajya Sabha member Majeed Memon refer to PM Modi as 'illiterate', 'uncultured'.Twitter/ANI

Nationalist Congress Party's (NCP) Rajya Sabha member Majeed Memon on Monday, April 1, sparked a controversy after he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks like "jaahil, raaste pe chalne wale log". "Pradhan mantri bhi anpadh, jaahil, raaste pe chalne wale aadmi ki tarah baat karte hai (The Prime Minister talks like uneducated, uncultured, roadside people)," Majeed Memon told news agency ANI.

"Vo itne bade pad pe baithe hain, unka pad ek sanvaidhanik pad hai, uss sanvaidhanik pad mein Pradhan Mantri raaste mein nahi chuna jata (He is occupying such a top post, he is aware of his Constitutional post. The Prime Minister should know that election for this Constitutional post is not held on the roads)," Majeed Memon said.

Earlier, the Rajya Sabha member said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders should contest elections in Nepal claiming that "chowkidars" will emerge victorious in the Himalayan nation. This came a day after BJP remarked that Congress may win elections in Pakistan. "If Ram Madhav is saying that the Congress party would probably win elections in Pakistan if they contest from there, then I would like to give him a piece of advice. All BJP leaders are 'chowkidars' (Watchmen) and they should contest elections in Nepal and they will win there," Memon told ANI.

The Congress and the NCP had earlier announced their seat-sharing pact in Maharashtra for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 with the two parties agreeing to contest 26 and 22 seats respectively. Lok Sabha polls will be held in Maharashtra in four phases i.e. on April 11, 18, 23 and 29.