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"Naruto Shippuden" will return with episode 466 in Season 20 after the week-long break and fans will finally get to see which of his sons Hagoromo will choose as the Ninshu heir. The episode, titled "The Tumultous Journey," will also reveal the rivalry between Indra and Ashura.

As manga fans of "Naruto" know, Hagoromo's choice is what drives the brothers apart. In the previously aired "Ashura and Indra," fans saw how Indra is already being influenced by the Black Zetsu. Even Ashura notices the change in his eyes after he awakens the Sharingan.

The Black Zetsu had told Indra about the Sharingan, which he described as a formidable power that can only be awakened, if he loses someone he loves. Although fans had feared that someone would be Ashura, Indra was not so far gone as to not save his own brother. However, the death of his dog Shiro awakened his Sharingan.

Although Futami and many others think that Indra is a better fit to be the Ninshu successor, Hagoromo is not so sure about it. In the upcoming "The Tumultuous Journey," he will make a choice that is not only the unpopular one but also one that makes Indra furious.

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In the trailer for episode 466 two villagers are heard talking, "Hey did you hear? It seems Master Hagoromo is close to choosing a successor for Ninshu! It is between Masters Indra and Ashura, eh? I wonder who is it going to be. It is plain as day! It is the eldest Master Indra who has the outstanding natural gift for Ninshu!"

Do not forget to watch Season 20 episode 466 of "Naruto Shippuden" titled "The Tumultuous Journey" which will be aired at 7:30 p.m. (JST) on Thursday, June 30, and can be be live-streamed via Crunchyroll, JPplayer andNarutoSpot.