In the latest episode of NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura" season 2 titled "The Mystery of the Convict Mentor", it seems Laura is determined to find the whereabouts of her former senior, Captain Hauser -- who is now on a run after breaking from the prison.

According to the official synopsis of the episode, "Laura and the team join the search for two convicted killers, one being their former captain, who escaped from a maximum security prison."

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Even though the crime of the convicts have been confirmed, Laura senses there is something wrong and she is all set to find out what actually happens. She knows Hauser for quite a long time and is convinced the situation is not as it looks like.

Meanwhile, Laura is worried that she is not giving much time to Tony. She discusses it with Jake who advises, though a little bit reluctantly, her to meet Tony often.

In the previous episode titled "The Mystery of the Locked Box", a tech genius named Zach was killed by an unknown assailant and Laura along with her team tried to solve the case immediately as Zach's ideas were under threat of getting stolen.

Besides, we had reported earlier that Laura found out about Jake's heart condition and was shocked. Jake consoled her and made her promise that she won't tell it to anybody.

Captain Santiani also changed her attitude towards Laura and behaved with her in a friendly manner, which was completely unexpected. She carefully listened to Laura's suggestions and ordered the team to follow Laura's lead.

In the end, it was revealed that Zach was killed by his childhood friend, Jordan, who was supposedly angry at Zach for not keeping in touch with him anymore.

Most probably, "The Mystery of the Convict Mentor" will focus on Jake's heart condition and Laura's relationship with him and her boyfriend Tony.