In the third episode of NBC's "The Mystery of Laura" season 2, a tech genius named Zach was murdered and Laura and her team had to hurry up to solve the case otherwise Zach's valuable ideas were in danger of being stolen.

Zach's maid told Laura that Zach didn't have anyone in his life except his mother and business partner. She also told that he mostly used to keep himself sheltered. Laura wondered about who would want to kill a promising young kid who just wanted to live his life and use his unique ideas.

Captain Santiani changed her attitude towards Laura significantly and is getting along fine with the rest of the team. Her behaviour was undoubtedly better than in episode 2 of season 2.

Santiani also made it a point to listen to what Laura said about Abby and went ahead to follow Laura, even though she was not much sure about Laura's lead. Laura also sensed the change and listened to her without questioning or ignoring her orders.

Laura figured something was wrong with Jake and she immediately confronted him about it. She was further shocked to find out that Jake had a minor heart condition. Jake asked Laura to promise him never to reveal this secret to anyone and after a brief reluctance, she accepted.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the murderer who killed Zach was his childhood friend, Jordan, who was supposedly angry for being forgotten by Zach. The episode ended with an emotional moment when Zach's mother brought food for Laura that she had already prepared for Zach.

It seems that Jake's heart condition is going to cause more issues and it may become difficult for Laura to keep it a secret.

In the upcoming episode of "The Mysteries of Laura" season 2 titled "The Mystery of the Convict Mentor," Captain Hauser will make a surprising return by escaping from the prison and most probably, the story is to follow Laura and her team hunting for Hauser.

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