The latest episode of NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura" titled "The Mystery of the Cure to Loneliness" will showcase Laura and her team's journey to investigate further into the kidnapping of a young boy.

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The official synopsis reads that once recovered, Jake will return to work. However, his office has been overtaken by Captain Satiani (Callie Thorne) who has no intention to vacate it.

While Laura and her team investigates further into the young boy's kidnapping, they will uncover his mysterious past regarding his illegitimate parents.

Meanwhile, Jake decides to take a demotion as Senior Detective so that he can remain in the precinct and more than that, close to Laura.

Earlier, we had reported while Laura will continue on her trail to missing boy's kidnapper, she will find the person that shot Jake.

Debra Messing, who portrays Detective Laura Diamond, said that the story will gradually become much quirkier and sharper in season 2.

"I know that everybody is very excited about making the homicide cases as smart and surprising as possible. You know much like Sherlock — the TV show Sherlock — we want to keep them as sophisticated as possible.

"And then of course fine the light moments that have to come when her private life sort of interjects itself. I think you're going to see more of Jake and Laura spending more time together."

"Revenge" star Gabriel Mann is also set to make an appearance in the new season. He made the announcement through his twitter account. However, there has been no information regarding what character he would be playing in the season 2.

"The Mysteries of Laura" will be co-produced by "Law and Order" alum Michael Smith, who will also direct some of the episodes.

Besides Smith, series creator Jeff Rake will continue to be the executive producer along with Greg Berlanti, Aaron Kaplan, Sarah Schechter, McG and Todd Lituchy.