My Sassy Girl
The promo of My Sassy Girl episodes 15 and 16 teases new team up for Gyeon Woo and Princess Hye Myung.Twitter/SBS

My Sassy Girl, the SBS romantic comedy drama, will be back with episodes 15 and 16 this Tuesday, June 20, at 10pm KST. It will revolve around Princess Hye Myung and Gyeon Woo's efforts to gather crucial evidence against Minister Jung Ki Joon.

For their mission to be successful, the onscreen couple will probably need a powerful companion. Regardless of the help they are receiving from Kang Joon Young and Choon Poong, it might be really difficult for them to move against the male antagonist.

So, who could help the title character and the city scholar in their mission to dethrone Queen Park and find the whereabouts of deposed Queen Han? If things are moving in favour of the onscreen couple, then the Qing's prince would team up with them.

My Sassy Girl
Will Queen Park make her next evil move against Princess Hye Myung?SBS

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Click here to watch My Sassy Girl episodes 15 and 16 tonight at 10 pm KST on SBS. The mini-series will also be available online on video streaming sites Viki and DramaFever.

Meanwhile, the promo shows the female antagonist setting a new trap for Princess Hye Myung. A court lady informs her that Oh Yeon Seo's character was seen near the Office of State Records. So, she decides to inform King Wheejong about it.

However, Dowager Queen Jahye might spoil the evil plans of Queen Park. She could reach out for her granddaughters' help. "Do not try to find out and forget all if you have found out," Dowager Queen says after Gyeon Woo informs the Princess that they are not allowed to talk about the dethroned Queen.

My Sassy Girl
The trailer of My Sassy Girl hints at troubled moments for Gyeon Woo.SBS

The footage also teases troubled moments for the city scholar. While his mother urges him to stop hanging out with the female lead, the King dismisses him from being the teacher of Crown Prince.

The trailer even shows the Princess sharing some information about Master Min Yoo Hwan with her father. "We must find my mother. Master Min left me a letter. Are you not curious?" But before she tells him more about it, Qing prince Darhan comes up with a wedding proposal.

Watch the promo of My Sassy Girl episodes 15 and 16 below: