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Monday's episode of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds saw Ra On finally accepting Prince Lee Yeong's romance and taking the first step to living life as a woman. But it won't be a cakewalk for Lee Yeong and Ra On and the first hurdle seems to be the prince's upcoming wedding.

Tuesday's episode is titled Like a Fairy Tale and the promo for the episode shows Ra On getting upset after she realises that Lee Yeong is about to wed another woman. But the prince will reassure Ra On of his feelings, and the two will have some more time together before other hurdles come their way, thanks to Byung-yeon who now knows that Ra On is a girl and that she is the rebel leader's lost daughter.

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The popularity of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds seems to be on the rise, and on September 20, Nielsen Korea released the ratings for Monday-Tuesday dramas that showed the historical romance is currently at 21.3 percent.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds broke through the 20 percent viewership mark last week, thanks to the kissing scene between its leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung, who play Lee Yeong and Ra On, respectively.

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Kim Yoo Jung recently opened up to Elle about working on Moonlight Drawn By Clouds saying the cast and crew are now like family. "Park Bo Gum oppa is really good to me. We're like siblings," she told the publication. Before production started, the duo decided to do their script readings together to get comfortable around each other. They even went out to eat, but initially it felt awkward, Kim Yoo Jung revealed. "When filming started, becoming closer happened naturally as we went through the difficulties together. Now not only Bo Gum oppa, but Jinyoung oppa and Kwak Dong Yeon oppa and all the seniors feel like family," she said.

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