(Picture for representation) The orb shaped object was seen eerily moving across the camera's screen.Creative Commons

A video showing a ghost-like creature outside a family house has raised eyebrows.

The video has been posted on Reddit and captioned: "Would love some insight on what my motion cam recorded last night?" It has also been shared by a few YouTube channels.

The video, which looked like it was recorded at night, shows a white misty orb moving from right to the left of the screen. The mysterious object is then seen exiting the screen from the top. The orb appeared almost transparent and the video does not show any other living creature around.

The video was uploaded on the discussion website by a user called ATXdudebroman, eight days ago.

However, IBT India is not sure when and where the video was recorded.

While some users were convinced that it is a proof of after-life, some said it is an out-of-focus animal crawling across the lens.

One user said: "From a paranormal view.. Looks like a slow moving mist like spirit."

Another person wrote: "Likely a bug on the lens. That's exactly what they look like."

Another user was quick to reply: "hmm.. definitely not an "Out of focus bug crawling across the lens/dome"

Recently, another mist like apparition was caught on camera. The spine-chilling footage was captured in Hong Kong on February 9 by a dashcam of a trailing vehicle.

A red taxi was seen traveling a dimly-lit road and suddenly a mist-like figure appeared from nowhere and struck the vehicle. The driver appeared to lose control and ram the vehicle against a tree.

Check out the video here: