The next episode of Fox's 'Minority Report' titled 'Hawk-Eye' will see the precog siblings Dash and Vega continue having visions of people who are going to be murdered.

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The official synopsis of the episode mentions that a police programme has been introduced that monitors suspicious behaviour. Vega tries to get Dash the position of the programme's analyst with the help of Akeela, while Vega and Dash suspect Arthur is up to something that he is concealing from them.

According to the promo of the episode, it seems Blake is trying to find the reality of Vega and Dash as he keeps asking questions to them. Dash experiences another vision and tries to get help from his brother Arthur. However, Arthur is reluctant to help him.

In the previous episode, the story began with the last day of precrime as Wally watched over the precog siblings. The siblings were ready to be taken out of the milk bath and Wally realised he had grown attached to them.

The story moves to the present day where Dash was standing in a park when an unidentified man called out to him. Dash had another vision while he was playing chess with some other people and he ran away immediately leaving his winnings behind.

Vega and Blake were having a conversation at work. They were trying out a simulation that was played like a video game in their mind. Blake enquired Vega about the last case and whether he had an informant or not.

At Wally's home, Dash had a vision of a woman with a mysterious tattoo who was kicking off her shoe and was getting killed. Later on, he and Vega discovered that the woman went to a club where a famous artist named Tyson Cole also used to hang out.

To find the victim's name, Dash visited Arthur again who told him that he would help only if Vega gets a case file for him. Once Vega returned the file, Arthur gave them the name of the victim.

Vega firmly believed that Tyson was the killer, but eventually, she turned out to be wrong. Both Dash and Vega tried to look back into the vision and noticed some chopsticks used by the bartender. Ultimately, they found out that the bartender was the killer and they were able to save the woman.

The episode ended with Agatha having a vision while Dash saved Vega's life.