In the upcoming episode of Fox's "Minority Report" titled "Mr. Nice Guy," Dash (Stark Sands) and detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) join hands to hunt down a lovesick killer.

Both of them will track the murderer who chose the evil side after suffering a heartbreak.

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Comic Book Movie reported that Dash is now able to use his powers to full extent and is assisting Lara to get a hold of the criminals. Besides, he is also continuing his search to find out the whereabouts of his siblings, Arthur (Nick Zano) and Agatha (Laura Regan).

Both Arthur and Agatha also have the precognitive skills and now it is up to Dash to convince them to use it for helping Lara.

Even after the termination of Precrime Unit, the law enforcement agency working towards identification of criminals and stopping them before they would be able to commit crimes, Dash is able to look into the future and is determined to help putting an end to all the felons.

Initially, he teamed up with Lara but realized that he won't be able to use his powers without his brother, Arthur.

After the dissolution of Precrime Unit, Arthur moved on and is now living in Washington. However, he has developed a dark side recently.

Kevin Falls, executive producer of the show, told The Hollywood Reporter that Arthur has changed significantly after being released from Precrime Unit. "He used his precognitive ability for his own personal gain. He's not an evil twin. Arthur has been out there more, he's a little more street smart," he said.

As for Agatha, she has been living a solitary life ever since getting out of the Precrime Unit as she is still affected by her old life as a Precog. She is reluctant to meet people and prefers staying away from the society despite constant persistence from her brother.

Regan told BuddyTV that her character is up-to some unexpected twists once she joins Dash to help her. If it is the case, Agatha may turn out to be a drawback for the cause and hopefully, Dash will be able to convince Arthur to join them soon.