Season 4 of "The Mindy Project" will premiere on Tuesday, 15 September, but it has moved out of its home in Fox and shifted to Hulu. But fear not, other than the episodes getting a few minutes longer, the series is just same; if not funnier.

In the last three seasons of "The Mindy Project", we have seen a hoard of awesome celebrities guest starring as the most comedic characters. This year will continue with that tradition, and right in the beginning itself, we have big names like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Freida Pinto and Kunal Nayyar, that are expected to appear in the Hulu series.

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As we know already, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Freida Pinto will be part of an alternate reality that Mindy (Mindy Kaling) conjures up, wherein Danny ends with her "doppelganger", and she ends up with a reality TV producer who's best friends with Andy Cohen – basically her dream man.

However, Nayyar, who Is best known as the lovable Rajesh from "The Big Bang Theory", is no figment of her imagination. Nayyar will play Sendhil, a charming hedge fund manager that Mindy's parents (Ajay Mehta and Sakina Jaffrey) want her to marry.

Meanwhile, Danny (Chris Messina) is in India, trying to convince the parents that he is a better match for Mindy than Sendhil. He tries just about everything to sabotage Mindy's potential marriage to Sendhil and it is going to be tough. He is not going to play that lovable dork you remember from "TBBT", as Sendhil he is a "straight-up handsome dude," as Mindy puts it.

Find out if Danny can win over Mindy's parents on Tuesday, 15 September, when you can live stream it via Hulu.

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