In just a couple of weeks, Mindy Lahiri and her friends will return to our TV screen, albeit via a different channel; and possibly with new leads?

When "The Mindy Project" returns on Hulu, Mindy Lahiri aka Mindy Kaling dreams about what life would have been without Danny (Chris Messina), and who Danny would have ended up with, if not with her. In the premiere episode, Mindy will see herself with Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is a show producer and her husband in the alternate reality.

In the promo for season 4, Mindy is seen trying to munch on some "chips" and saying, "These chips are terrible", when JGL's character replies, "That's a bowl of seashells, babe".

Regarding his character, the series creator and star Kaling told TV Line, "He plays a reality TV producer who's best friends with Andy Cohen. He's the man of Mindy's dreams, his apartment's in Gramercy Park. ... It was very fun to use him as a character who seems ideal, but then goes in a very surprising direction."

Meanwhile, Danny ends up with Mindy's "doppelganger" Freida Pinto and although not much is known about the "Slumdog Millionaire" star's character, we do know she is never going to be the Mindy that Danny wants. After all, he has travelled across the world to meet Mindy's parents and convince them that he is the right guy for their daughter.

Watch out for the season 4 premiere of "The Mindy Project" on Tuesday, 15 September, on Hulu. Check back here for more updates.