Yet another season of "MasterChef US Junior" airs tonight, 6 November, and for those who want to marvel at kids cooking up some fine dishes, this is one show they can't afford to miss. Season 4 of the junior division of MasterChef opens with 24 finalists who have each won their white apron. 

The promo for season 4, episode 1 captures a lot of excited faces as they make their way into the kitchen. One contestant, Avery, remarks that she looks forward to meeting Christina Tosi because, "she's the world's best adult baker and I'm the best kid baker."  

In the eleven-minute clip for episode 1, judges Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Graham Elliot outline contestants' first challenge in the MasterChef kitchen. The 24 participants will have to cook their signature burger, using ingredients such as ground beef, venison, pork, bison, veal and more.

From the promo for the season premiere, we can safely predict that the judges will find a contemporary twist to one of America's favourite food item. 

In the sneak peek for episode 1, contestants cook French and Asian inspired burgers. At one point in the clip, Chef Graham Eliot says that Avery is a front runner in the first competition. "Just look at the burger. It smells amazing," he says. Her burger consists of a pork and venison patty, coleslaw, creole sauce and southern sweet potato chips.

Another cast member whose burger sounds delicious is Kaya. The eight-year-old prepares a wagu burger with apple fries.

"MasterChef US Junior" season 4 episode 1 premiers on Friday, 6 November at 8pm on Fox. You can watch the episode online via FOX Now

Watch the promo for season 4, episode 1 here: