One cannot help but feel sad at the prospect of watching MasterChef US end. Season 6 of the culinary competition has taken us and the home cooks through a journey of sorts, so much so that fans of the show have formed #TeamDerrick and #TeamClaudia to cheer their favourite contestants.

However, three home cooks will participate in the semi-finals on Wednesday and will go on in a head to head battle to win the MasterChef trophy.

In the semi-finals, Claudia, Stephen and Derrick will have to cook for Gordon, Christina and Graham's sous chefs.

Furthermore, each of the semi finalist is also given a sous chef. They are required to pick either Katrina, Hetal or Tommy. From the promo, we can tell you that Derrick and Hetal are teamed together, whilst Stephen works with Tommy and Claudia's sous chef is Katrina.

The winner of the challenge will win a spot in the finals and will be joined by one of the other two contestants who excel in the pressure test.

In episode 18, "Think Inside The Box" Derrick, Stephen and Claudia revealed their plans if they win the MasterChef trophy. Derrick's dream restaurant, "Rock Torn Rose"; Claudia's Mexican inspired restaurant; and Stephen's dream to have a farm driven food truck could be realised in the two-hour MasterChef finale.

So far, Derrick and Stephen have been extremely consistent with their dishes and have won several mystery box challenges. So we could expect to see the two cook a three-course meal for judges -- Chef Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Graham Eliot.

A finale which includes Derrick and Stephen would, no doubt, bring out the best in both home cooks. And if Stephen doesn't win the trophy, it won't be for a lack of creativity.

"MasterChef" US season 6 episode 19 and 20 (finale) will air on Wednesday, 8pm ET on FOX. You can watch it online via FOX NOW and Hulu.

You can watch the promo for episode 19 here: