In a few weeks, Wednesdays would cease to be about "MasterChef US," the reality TV cooking competition that's a gastronomical delight. Throughout season 6, judges Christina Tosi, Chefs Graham Elliot and Gordon Ramsay have been witness to so many culinary journeys, and now they are down to watching only four contestants shine. Nick, Claudia, Stephen and Derrick are left to battle it out for the MasterChef trophy.

In episode 18, titled "Think inside the Box", the last four participants are paired into two teams; Derrick and Stephen compete against Nick and Claudia. Each team is given two identical boxes and asked to produce an entrée and one appetiser.

In order to inspire the MasterChef in each of their contests, culinary geniuses Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot roll out a bunch of dishes that could be made with ingredients given to them. However, we are not sure if that was a bright idea since everyone (except Stephen, of course) looked unnerved at the expectations of the judges.

The promo for episode 18 shows discord between the two teams. Nick and Claudia, in particular, clash over every detail on their menu.

To be sure, Derrick and Stephen win the mystery box challenge as the show's producers leaked it in a series of behind the scenes moments.

Furthermore, the promo indicates that the elimination test involves baking a cake. Fans of the show would remember that Claudia won the birthday cake challenge and could possibly emerge as winner this time.

Is it Nick's turn to bid goodbye to his MasterChef dreams? Let us know what you think.

Click here to watch Nick and Claudia's performance in episode 18.

"MasterChef US" airs every Wednesday at 8pm on Fox. You can live stream the show via Fox Now and Hulu.