In the latest episode of Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" titled "Devils You Know," Agent Coulson will hunt for a rogue Inhuman along with his team who is killing other Inhumans for no apparent reason.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, "Coulson and team share information with Rosalind and search for an Inhuman that kills other Inhumans. Also, May begins to think Hunter's mission to take down Ward is becoming too personal."

The promo of the episode mentions that the team will find themselves uniting with Rosalind as they continue their search for the Inhuman Lash, who is murdering both humans and Inhumans for unknown reasons.

Some photos of the episode show that Rosalind and her team are associating with Coulson and his team while Hunter and May are unable to trust each other and eventually get into a gun fight.

Earlier, we had reported that in the previous episode titled "A Wanted (In)human," Coulson and his team tried their best to bring the situation under control after Hunter created havoc.

Elsewhere, Lincoln continued evading black ops team by escaping behind an electric waterfall.

At SHIELD headquarters, the team found out the whereabouts of Lincoln as Daisy called him and offered help. Declining the help, Hunter took out the tracker that was put by Mac.

Afterwards, Hunter and May met in a bar and interacted with an old contact of Hunter who could get him through Hydra. However, once drunk, the guy told Hunter that the only way to get inside Hydra is to fight until death.

Lincoln met his former sponsor who initially helped him, but once he found out about Lincoln's abilities, he telephoned the agency leaving no choice for Lincoln but to kill the sponsor. At the end of the episode, shocked with his own deed, Lincoln called Daisy for help.

Marvel's "Agents of Shield" season 3 episode 4 titled "Devils You Know" will be aired on ABC on 20 October.