In the latest episode of Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" season 3 titled "A Wanted Inhuman," Coulson and his team will do their best to control the situation created by Hunter.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, Daisy, Mack and Coulson will try to protect Lincoln from Rosalind's team. Meanwhile, Hunter will prove that he can cross any line to get revenge on Ward and Hydra.

In the promo, it is shown that Rosalind's team is chasing Lincoln while Daisy and Mack assist him. Lincoln tries to run away from Daisy but she refuses to let go of him.

Daisy finally reveals to Lincoln that she has feelings for him and admits that she cares about him. In the meanwhile, Lincoln uses his powers to help people at the bay and it seems someone is soon to betray them.

It also looks like that Hunter will meet a former associate. Meanwhile, Lincoln looks tired as he talks on the phone while walking along the street. At the base, Daisy looks at Mack as he is playing a video game. They both are seen talking to Coulson later.

We had reported in the previous episode the team protected Fitz from getting sucked into the portal. Fitz found a speck of dust that gave him a new hope.

Afterwards, the team asked for help to an Asgardian, Professor Randolph. Along with him, Fitz, Bobbi and Coulson discovered a place that had a machine designed to open and close the monolith.

Mack and Daisy finally managed to open the monolith. However, the machine broke and Daisy's nose started to bleed. Soon afterwards, she fainted due to a noise that only she could hear.

As Daisy opened the portal herself, Fitz jumped into it to find Simmons. Before the monolith shattered to pieces, both Fitz and Simmons made it back safely. Though Simmons had no visible injury, he seemed lost.

In the meantime, Ward had rebuilt Hydra by tracking former Hydra leaders' children and experimenting on them. He found Werner Von Strucker who later joined him on his mission to revive Hydra.

Elsewhere, May was living with her father when Hunter found her and asked for her help to find out about Hydra. At the end of the episode, Werner joined Andrew Garner's class who is May's ex-husband.