In the upcoming episode of WGN's "Manhattan" season 2 titled "Fatherland", it seems the mystery of Los Alamos is deepening further and it is going to affect Frank.

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According to the official synopsis of the episode, after his work was discovered by a group of mysterious people, he was kidnapped. However, he had no idea about the reason behind it, but now, it seems he has found why he was taken captive.

Given that Frank has been doing his work secretly regarding the implosion design, it seems finally the inevitable has happened and his research works are leaked that is surely going to stir the residents of Los Alamos. The mysterious group that kidnapped him may end his life too as Frank is the only one who knows the exact plans of the designs.

Besides, Colonel Darrow is determined to put an end to all the secret projects done under Frank and other scientists and it is worrying them regarding the future of the project, especially, Liza and Helen.

We had reported earlier that in the previous episode, titled "Damnatio Memoriae", new scientific breakthroughs were made that led to disturbance in the town and its residents. While some supported the new projects, the majority were against it.

The show's historical events that are based on the real life incidents gives an insight into the routine of people and scientists who were attached to The Manhattan Project. It depicts a dramatic yet meaningful representation of the incidents happened during the experiments.

Even though the show is a drama, it includes a lot of science fiction elements and combines the issues of it with other ones like politics and society. In an interview with Tech Times, Sam Shaw, producer of the show, said that though only parts of the story are based on real events, it presents the actual historical scenario in a glorifying manner.

"It's not as if this show is a classic piece of allegory, but it did feel like a way to write about the present day and write about issues of military secrecy, government secrecy and transparency, as well as the ethics of military force, and the kind of complications of the relationship between science and politics," he said.