The premiere episode of WGN's "Manhattan" season 2 titled "Damnatio Memoriae" will bring more drama, scientific breakthroughs and of course, stress to the residents of Los Alamos, which is a key site of the Manhattan Project.

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Besides covering the historical events, though not much accurate, the show also gives an insight into the lives of those who were associated with The Manhattan Project of 1942 and its highly confidential base in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Though the show is a drama, it gives a feeling of science fiction due to its theme and content.

As the latest teaser for the premiere episode of season 2 mentions, it seems the situation is heating up at the base. The trailer shows the original cast members sitting in a damp and grim room.

An unknown person, who is not shown clearly, is interrogating them with questions like, "Are you good at keeping secrets?" and "Would you sacrifice your family for the good of the country?"

On the other hand, there is an unidentified shadow roaming the deserts that is rumoured to be killing innocent residents. No one has seen it yet and knows what sort of creature it is.

In an interview with Tech Times, series' executive producer, Sam Shaw, said that even though the show is not exactly based on the real events, the story still justifies the actual events in a glorifying manner.

"It's not as if this show is a classic piece of allegory, but it did feel like a way to write about the present day and write about issues of military secrecy, government secrecy and transparency, as well as the ethics of military force, and the kind of complications of the relationship between science and politics."

It seems the second season is all set to deepen the mystery of the project and the residents of Los Alamos.