Man tries to confront goose but regrets it right away. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

Geese are such entertaining beings to witness; until and unless they are raging at you and suddenly you have to flee for your life because a goose enraged has no mercy – a piece of information that seemed to be intentionally lost on this man.

In the viral video that has surfaced online, the man can be seen confronting a goose, well aware that its aggressive side could get a little bit too much for him. But that doesn't stop him. The man seems to think he's tough enough to provoke a goose and get away with it – and sure enough, the consequences don't quite turn out in his favor.

The video shows him trying to take on the goose with aggressive talking: "What's up, goose? I think I can take you. You are hissing at me, you think you are all big and bad. Don't you hiss at me."

His self-boisterous threats keep getting a little too intense. "That's right," he says. "Quit sticking your tongue out at me. I will put you in the deep fryer. You ain't tough."

The goose maintains a quiet stance at first – all dignified and composed of the man's advances – almost a bit too dismissive because it's seemingly certain that the puny human wouldn't last long in a pit with itself.  

But the man's talking doesn't end there. He continues:  "You pulling the strap down, you ready to fight. They told me you were a killer goose; I want to see what you are made of."

It's only towards the very end of the video that the goose loses its calm. Once it decides it has had enough – which is when the man tries to get closer to the goose – it goes straight for the man, showing him who the boss is.

And sure enough, the man does what anybody in their right minds would do when fronted with a provoked goose. He backs off as the not so tough man he actually turns out to be.

The man screams and swears and presumably just runs away for dear life. Hell hath no fury like a woman and goose scorned, indeed!