Prentis Robinson moments before he was shot on Facebook Live.
Prentis Robinson moments before he was shot on Facebook Live.YouTube screenshot.

Birthday celebrations can a little wild from time to time, but in a completely bizarre turn of events, a man filmed himself getting murdered, while he was talking about his birthday celebrations on Facebook Live.

Prentis Robinson, a 55-year-old musician, was recording himself with a selfie stick, while walking down a rural road Wingate, N.C., on Monday. Suddenly, a man approached him and fired four shots, which took his life.

Right before his fatal attack, Prentis was seen filming himself, talking about his wishes to move from Charlotte to Atlanta on the Live. It was then that a blue jacket-clad man approached him – a sight that seemingly agitated Prentis, as he spotted the gun too.

The man in the blue jacket asks him "You on Live?" a couple of times, in a rather calm tone. Which is why what happens next is even more shocking. Four shots get fired in rapid succession – taking Prentis' life.

The police confirmed later on that Prentis was no more, even though the killer is still on the run. The nearby Wingate University has been locked down in the wake of the murder, as reported.

Union County Sheriff spokesman Tony Underwood also said: "We're pursuing leads and trying to figure out what this is all about." However, certain reports claim that he was killed after a rift caused by outing or reporting suspected drug dealers, reported Malaysian Digest.

As is clear by the on-pour of condolences on his Facebook account, Prentis – who was in the habit of filming his day-to-day activity on Facebook Live – has been mourned by a lot of friends.

A user called Walter Rorie wrote: "I'm not only pissed but I'm hurt. That was a cowardly move to kill this man on his birthday!" Others have posted screenshots of the video, in an attempt to find the killer too.

Facebook removed the horrifying footage of Prentis' tragic death shortly after it started making rounds and went viral.

A spokeswoman said, "This is a terrible incident and our thoughts are with the victim and his loved ones." They also added that they will issue a "warning screen" to any future uploads of the video and limit access for users under 18.